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At Trust The Process Counselling, our primary objective is to provide the finest, most cost-effective rehabilitation from alcoholism and drug addiction available in the UK. We are at the end of the phone to discuss treatment with you – call 0845 686 0824, 7 days a week, between 9am and 10pm.

Our rehabilitation programmes are intensive and structured, based upon the world-renowned 12 step treatment model for alcoholism and addiction, pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous. Our treatment process – Stop; Change; Plan; Fly – will take you through four key stages of recovery from addiction or alcoholism, giving you new skills to deal with the illness.

Our services include medically supervised detox, group and 1-2-1 counselling sessions, complementary therapies, creative activities, leisure activities, sport and family days – click here for more information about what we do.

Our clinics provide great value – our costs for drug and alcohol rehab are within the most affordable 25% in the UK.

Treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism can be the first step towards your brand new life. We help hundreds of clients each year to recover their dignity and well-being.

Contact us for more information about residential rehabilitation for drug addiction and alcoholism – call 0845 686 0824 or send us a confidential message via our contact form.

Drugs and alcohol can be a thing of the past – and it doesn’t stop there. You will find so much more for you in recovery than you ever thought possible: restored relationships; new career; educational achievements; health improvements. Anything you want to achieve, we can help you get there. Find out what our clients have achieved since coming into treatment for addiction and alcoholism at Trust The Process Counselling.

Our Treatment Centres

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Drug Rehab

Private Detox UK Our main aim as an alcohol and drug rehabilitation clinic is to provide the best possible cost-effective rehabilitation from both drug addiction and alcoholism in the country. There will hopefully come a time when people realize that they are in need of some help to overcome their addictions, and when that time comes they can get in touch with us to discuss the treatment available. All of our rehabilitation programs are both intensive and well structured and are based on the world famous and world-renowned twelve steps treatment model for addiction to drugs and for alcoholism that was pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous. Our private drug rehab clinic´s treatment process is made up of four key stages of recovery. They are: Stop, Change, Plan and Fly, and are designed so that you walk away with new skills to help you deal and ultimately combat your illness. Medically supervised private detox sessions, complementary therapies, leisure and creative activities, sports and family days plus group and one-two-one counseling sessions are an example of our services, and we are confident that you will find our clinics to provide excellent value for money. We are based in the most affordable twenty five per cent of the UK for both alcohol and private drug rehabilitation clinics, and by making ourselves affordable to a wider amount of people we are giving more people a chance to take steps towards a new life and each year we help hundreds of people to recover their well-being.

Alcohol Rehabilitation

Private Alcohol Rehabilitation Once you consign alcohol and drugs to the past you can then begin your new journey. Whilst in recovery you will see that there is so much more to gain then simply beating your addiction or alcoholism. We are confident that you will be able to restore what you may have seen as broken relationships, you can work on a new career, go back to school and succeed in education and improve your overall health. Once you start your alcohol rehab sessions you will see that we will help you to achieve whatever it is that you want, but before starting come and find out what previous clients have managed to achieve since they have come into treatment for both alcoholism and drug addiction. At both our spacious treatment centres in Warrington and Luton we provide treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism by means of residential programs. Based on the 12-step model of recovery that has been proven for over 70 years to be a very effective method for identifying and resolving issues, our private alcohol rehab programs are designed to take people from addiction through to recovery. Through shared experiences clients will discover they have the potential to become empowered to change, and in the safe, confidential and supervised group settings they will come to realise that their emotions and thoughts are similar to their peers. Upon making such realisations in the private alcohol rehabilitation programs our clients will use them to help them with isolation and seclusion feelings.

Private Detox

Throughout the entire duration of the program our clients are assigned a focal counsellor to work with them. All of our counsellors are recovered addicts or alcoholics with many years of recovery under their belts. One of our primary objectives is to ensure that we work as a therapeutic community and as a top class private rehab clinic we work hard to make our comfortable accommodation complement the treatment ethos in its entirety. Once clients have graduated from our clinic and returned to their loved ones, families and back to their communities, we will be there to provide aftercare and to offer ongoing support to all of our clients, and we put a lot of emphasis on this aspect of our service. Alcoholism can be summed up as being an emotional and physical dependence on alcohol and is thus a physical and mental illness. Most people have a drink for social reasons, and if you´re not having any negative consequences such as missing time off work because of alcohol, alcohol and drugrehab is probably not required. If on the other hand you are finding it increasingly difficult coping with social situations without a drink then without seeking treatment your unhealthy dependence upon alcohol is likely to progress. As a result of alcoholism´s progressive nature once you become dependent you will need more and more alcohol over time to realize an equal mood-altering effect, and if you have found this happening then you should contact us about drug detox treatments.

Face up to your Problems

Approximately ten per cent of the population are affected by addiction, which centres in the mind but which affects the physical body. Whatever harm to the body that the drug of choice such as cocaine, marijuana, speed, heroin, ecstasy, methadone, crystal meth or hallucinogens, does to the human body, the most intensive drug detoxification treatment that is required is in regards to the underlying thinking to help break the cycle of addiction. Once our body adapts itself to a particular drug and becomes dependent on it, this is when the physical aspect of addiction becomes manifest. When used to an addictive level any drug will have a negative effect on the body and as such all clients will be seen by our doctor to assess whether they need to be prescribed a private drug detox regime. The primary mental aspect of addiction is thinking obsessively and compulsively about using the drug. The cravings that can overwhelm users when they are not using the drug are what will compel them to go out and get it, and in many cases this puts them at danger. Even when a user is well aware of the negative consequences of taking the drug the obsessive thinking will drive addicts to continue looking for and then taking more drugs. As part of our private drug detoxification treatments we will work closely with patients to help them overcome both the mental and physical aspects of their illness so that they can lead healthy lives.

A Spiritual Guide

The twelve steps program can be described as being experiential and each step is designed to bring about complete acceptance of the illness. It then offers a permanent solution to both addiction and alcoholism. The program is spiritual in nature in that it has been built upon spiritual principles including honesty, willingness and open-mindedness. The alcohol detox program also requires individuals to take responsibility for themselves, and this is achieved by committing to taking action to overcome their addiction and alcoholism each and every day. The program has also been described as being ego-reduction in nature as it involves individuals having to investigate their part in certain life situations as opposed to apportioning blame on others. Once it has been realised that their own behaviour needs examination it is then possible for them to discover new resources and skills to deal with life´s problems. With some time to contemplate their situation it becomes apparent during the alcohol detoxification program that there are choices that are open to them that were not apparent during the chaotic time of heavy drinking and drug abuse. As a result of the safe structure that is provided by the program, individuals are able to process a range of potentially destructive emotions including fear, false pride, resentment and anger. Other emotions that may not be as obvious in terms of their potential to be destructive such as happiness and excitement that present their own set of challenges are also examined during private alcohol detox sessions.

Turn your Life Around

For people that depend on drugs considering stopping can be a truly terrifying thought. As such the 12-step private detox program of recovery is introduced to help people manage their fears. In the majority of cases addicts are very sensitive people which is why it is essential to manage their emotional sensitivity, so that abstinence from drugs can be maintained in the medium to long term. When people decide to come in for private alcohol detoxification treatments and drug addiction treatments one of the most powerful elements they will discover is that they will no longer be alone. As most addicts are scared that other people will find out about their addiction they try very hard to hide their illness from the people closest to them, which can lead to isolation, both emotional and physical, which can be very soul-destroying. Once in recovery it will be made apparent how to convert certain facets of addiction into the individual´s advantage. It has been well documented how creativity and addiction are connected, with numerous painters, musicians and writers affected by addiction. By making the most of drugrehab, addicts will learn to make better use of their skills by assessing the healthy and unhealthy ways in which they use their energy. This enables them to identify their positive and negative patterns of behaviour and over time those who have had long term private rehab recovery discover how it gets better and better as they have deep realisations about how to improve their lives.

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